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Sold IGG and Dogs


I got a shock in December when IGG dropped 40% after the UK regulator announced a shake-up in the industry. It will come back but I have very small positions that need to be on the move. Having reviewed all my holdings, I’ve decided to sell IMB, RB and IHCU today, as well as all the Dogs of the Dow except MCD which is the best performer of the bunch, to date. I’m aiming for growth...

Dow Jones – the pain


I’ve heard it said many times that letting a winning trade run is the way forward and I wouldn’t disagree. The evidence is in my demo account. If I had let the trades run that I placed on Wall Street last November then I’d be in serious profit. However, the journey that leads to a healthy profit can be rocky, as I experienced for the first time this week. I placed...

Added to VTI, QQQ & ITA


I’ve just about gotten over the fiasco of the sale of my GOOGL shares. I kick myself because I should know better.
Anyway, with that money, I’ve extended holdings in my three main ETFs: QQQ, VTI and ITA – all doing very well.

Sold GOOGL, messy!


What am I? Some kind of fool? Very possibly!
Sold GOOGL twice when should have been one sale. Default number is 1 and I forgot to set the number to sell! Jeez…
Sneaking feeling I’m being too aggressive but I expected more of GOOGL. Also, it bugs me that there is no dividend. Might live to regret this…

BUY – Dogs of the Dow


There are ten so called Dogs of the Dow and I bought them all in the US dollar account. I’m not sure about this trade, the commission was high and I did’t think that through properly. It’s an income strategy because they all pay good dividends but XOM and CVX seem a bit dodgy to me! We’ll see how we go.

Dow Jones & Trump


For legal reasons my broker can't use Dow Jones so it's 'Wall Street'. Unbelievably, the Donald is the president elec



I've been trying to use spread betting as a method of hedging my losses.

Buy and Hold


It has been a long journey over the last six months. I haven't traded because I've been working on a trading plan

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