Adrian Domenico

Private Retail Stock Market Investor

Few investors talk in any detail

about the emotional and mental roller-coaster

you have to conquer as a private retail investor

in the stock market.

“It’s your money. It’s emotional.”

When you’re in agony because the market is falling, and you’re sitting there, questioning the decisions you’ve made with a big chunk of your money, I haven’t found much that helps. I write about the emotional torment and the mind games you experience as a private retail stock market investor because it has helped me to cope with these stresses.

I write for myself but perhaps, something I write could help you.


Private Retail Investor

Adrian Domenico

I’ve been invested in the stock market for two years and always kept a trading journal. However, as a solitary investor, it is very easy to hide from your mistakes, even when they are written down. So, making it public, with the possibility that others can see what I’ve done, is a great way to constantly hold myself to account.

Writing about it helps me to cope with the sheer emotional and mental hell you go through as an investor in this unforgiving yet fascinating industry.

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